how Breakthroughs in Wellness begin

We inspire employees to embrace and sustain wellness lifestyles with modern engagement tools and professional staffing. Our intuitive, total-wellbeing solutions help employers reduce health care expenses while creating more empowering, productive cultures.

Our Story

Healthbreak’s professional wellness staff are passionate about living and modeling wellness. We value every opportunity to engage our members, causing healthy lifestyle breakthroughs through meaningful interactions. Our vision is to create thriving workplace cultures through inspired service and intuitive solutions. 

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History & Expertise

Founded in 1990, Healthbreak is a leading national provider of worksite wellness services and programs. For more than three decades, our team has created, implemented, and managed an array of programs and tools tailored for companies of all sizes, private and public.

  • We serve employers across the United States
  • Founded in 1990
  • Headquartered in Golden, Colorado
  • Regional office in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Woman owned and managed
  • Experts at creating corporate cultures of wellness
  • Experienced, certified staff who are passionate about living and modeling wellness

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