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Healthbreak innovates, integrates, creates, engages, manages, gets the wellness word out, makes it fun, and best of all, generates award-winning wellness programs. We’ve been around for over 30 years, so we know what works and how to get you up and running. Fast.

Healthbreak Offerings:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Programs [anchor/link to to healthy lifestyle section]
  • Wellness Challenges [anchor/link to to wellness challenges section]
  • Educational Offerings [anchor/link to to Educational section]

Healthbreak Wellbeing Programs are supported by industry-leading engagement tools and dedicated professionals. Every program we design draws from the latest research in health and medicine, psychology and behavior modification. Healthbreak’s expert team of health educators include professionals in the fields of nutrition, stress-reduction, resilience, life balance, fitness, and injury prevention. Armed with professional certifications and advanced degrees, our experts know what works and how to achieve results.

Employees can track their progress, from baseline to finish line with our online wellness platform and personalized, secure data tracking. Along the way, they can access meaningful educational materials and even consult with a wellness coach, pre- and post-program completion.

Browse our selection of ready-to-launch program offerings as well as semi-custom or custom programs to fit the unique wellness goals of your organization.

[slider] Healthy-Lifestyle Programs

Our lifestyle programs vary from 6 to 12 weeks in length and incorporate individual coaching sessions, education, tracking, biometrics and monitoring. Healthbreak offers a list of twelve comprehensive programs that are delivered through onsite, telephonic and electronic methods.

Here’s just one example of our successful healthy-lifestyle programs:


Participants in the SHIFT program have the opportunity to shift their health in a positive direction. This 12-week program helps change attitudes, boost motivation, and get people back on the right track with weekly group exercise sessions, four Big-Picture health presentations, four Drill-In small-group coaching sessions, and the Mayo Clinic’s 10 Essential Steps to a Better Body & Healthier Life book.

Other Healthbreak Healthy Lifestyle Programs that have changed lives:

  • Peak Mediterranean Diet
  • DietFree
  • Prevent the Ascent
  • And many more!

[slider] Wellness Challenges

Multi-week campaigns that focus on specific health risks such as: physical activity, nutrition, stress, sleep, weight, and self care.

Here’s a customer favorite that is just one of our many challenge programs:

Creating a Healthier You

By focusing on one small change per week, participants make gradual and gentle progress toward better health. Each week, we concentrate on simple, attainable goals like finding ways to cut back on sugar one week, eating more veggies another week, and discovering easy ways to move more throughout each day. After finishing this 8-week course, members are on their way to their healthiest selves.

Other Healthbreak Wellness Challenges our customers love:

  • Hold the Holidays
  • BLUR
  • Move Well, Feel Good
  • And many more!

[slider] Educational Offerings

Healthbreak offers a comprehensive catalog of health-education topics for employers to expand their wellness initiatives. We can also create customized presentations. Healthbreak seminars and webinars can be delivered onsite or as a part of an online education program, and range from 15-90 minutes in length. Discounts are available for multiple programs. Webinar recording and hosting fees may apply.

Here’s a successful Healthbreak seminar that should be on everyone’s watch list:

Living Life in Balance

In these hectic times it’s easy to feel off balance and overwhelmed. This thoughtful presentation revisits what it means to be balanced, examines what drives our behaviors, and guides participants on how to channel their core values into healthful actions. Members will also learn various techniques designed to bring back and maintain a healthy balance.

Other popular Healthbreak webinars and seminars:

  • Sit for 60, Move for 3
  • It’s an Attitude
  • Inflammation, Diet and Disease
  • And many more!

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